Aymerick Jéhanne

Software developer

Rennes - France | Remote


I am a 41 years old developer living near Rennes, France.

I am senior architect at Fairjungle, a business travel startup.

During my free time, I collect retro gaming systems and learn Japanese.



Go is my current favorite language for backend development. I used it to code Blacknut backend, the previous startup I worked for during more than 3 years.


Ember.js is the framework that reconciliates me with frontend development. I chose it to develop kowa-client, the web admin of the kowa project.
SASS logo


Thanks to SASS, writing CSS is now less painfull.
JS logo


Thanks to babel, used by Ember.js, I experienced the next features of javascript and I am pleased to see that it is evolving in the right direction.
Rails logo


I worked more that 6 years on fotopedia which was powered by rails.
Rust logo


I'm curious and I love learning new languages and technologies. My next experimentation will probably be the Rust language.

Open Source Projects


Raymond is a complete handlebars implementation in Go.


Douceur is a simple CSS parser and inliner in Go. I wrote it to generate HTML emails.


Kowa is a static website manager in Go with a web administration in Ember.js.


Activr is a ruby library that powered the fotopedia activity feeds system.


Fwissr is a simple configuration registry tool in ruby built for fotopedia.


Piniouz is a ruby tool to create weekly newsletters with pinboard and mailchimp.


Jeego is a house monitoring server in Go, with a web admin in Ember.js.


The libwbxml is a C library to parse and encode the WBXML format.

My expectations ?

A meaningful job in a company that respects and values its employees.
Co-workers who are friendly and open minded.
The opportunity to work on ambitious applications that will challenge me.
The possibility to make contributions to open source projects.
The chance to try new technologies.
A company near my home town, or that accepts remote workers.
Don't hesitate to contact me at ajehanne@gmail.com.